#clanteam is a Game Server Provider (GSP) that knows exactly what is required from its clans. We use top of the range Dual Xeon servers hosted at Telehouse, London – widely regarded to be the fastest and most reliable server hosting site in the UK. Unlike a lot of other GSP's, we don't over burden our servers with too many game ports so you can be sure of top notch performance. But that's not all…

If you run a clan, you'll know that arranging wars, picking the team and configuring your server can be a lot of work - and after all that you might still lose! #clanteam has arrived to address some of these issues and give you more time to concentrate on winning.

#clanteam offers a complete web based system where you can manage everything about your single or multi gaming clan and server. Submit new events (Officials, Practices, Meetings, etc) and your members will be notified via email instantly. Record your results and keep track of how your clan is doing across all leagues and friendlies. And if you're struggling for members, use the clan recruitment area to scout out some great signings.

When you're ready to play, use the server admin area of the site to set up your server without needing to remember difficult commands in the game console. Start, stop and update the server, edit your server configs, run HLTV/SourceTV and when you're done, zip up your demos and transfer them to easily accessed FTP folders. All of this and more from a user friendly web interface!

And just in case that isn't enough, we even provide voice comms for that extra edge over in-game voice.

But what about your other requirements such as a web address like and web space to store info on your clan, its members and most importantly, all the demos and screenshots of your wins? #clanteam can provide all of this too!

Finally, you’ll need a gateway into the gaming community on IRC and #clanteam can also help here with our BNC’s. But what is a BNC and why would you need one? The security of your PC is becoming increasingly important as more and more people sign up to ‘always on’ broadband connections and using IRC to chat with your clan may expose your PC to harmful attacks. One way to improve security is to employ the services of an IRC BouNCer or BNC which protects your PC by hiding it from these potential attacks. However that’s not its only function…

A BNC from #clanteam stays connected to the IRC server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you’ll never lose your preferred nick. It will automatically inform other IRC users that you’re going offline whilst it stays connected and will log any private messages to show them the next time you log on.

Whether you need all of this or just a couple of services, #clanteam is here to help you!

Feel free to browse the site or come and have a chat with us on IRC in #clanteam on quakenet.

Thank you for your interest in

ultimate game servers, clan management, web space
voice comms, IRC BouNCers (BNCs)

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