#clanteam contact information:

For general enquiries regarding any of our services, email:
enquiries at

For sales information, email:
sales at

For support, click on Support and raise a ticket or email:
support at

For sponsorship, see the separate section below.

Please make sure you send your email to the correct department otherwise it may take longer to deal with. The addresses above are 'doctored' to prevent spam. You will, of course, need to alter the address in your mail client to use the @ symbol.


You can find us using your favourite IRC client on the QuakeNet network in #clanteam

Generally there will be people in there who can direct your enquiries should an appropriate support person not be available.

We would ask you to be patient and to make it clear what you are asking for. This channel is also frequented by other people including customers who will not necessarily be able to help you. A good place to ask about us though!


#clanteam do sponsor various entities be that gaming clans or gaming communities. It is, however, always carried out through invite. Do not ask in IRC for sponsorship you will be ignored. We receive far too many requests for sponsorship so go through the proper channels and you may get somewhere.

There are various steps we go through when seeking to sponsor out some of our services. These will be discussed on an individual basis with the requester. The majority of requests do not get to this stage as they fail our own internal checklist which is something we do not disclose!

Send your best email requests for sponsorship to:
sponsorship at


The #clanteam staff listed below will be able to help you with any queries you may have regarding our services. Please do not private message them without permission.

hofugoshi | Surg | jinXed | Thargor | PTline | Shicky

Thank you for your interest in

ultimate game servers, clan management, web space
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