What do #clanteam do?
#clanteam are a Game Server and Services Provider. Please have a look at the “Home” page for all the info.

Your Money

How much does it cost?
Please go to the “prices” page to see how much our services cost.

Is there a set up fee?
No. #clanteam will setup your server just the way you want it absolutely free of charge.

Can I pay in instalments/direct debit?
Unfortunately we cannot accept payment via instalments but to compensate for this we do offer discounts when you rent a server for 3 months or more rather than pay for it month by month.

Do you offer any discounts?
From time to time we will offer discounts. When these are available, they will be listed on the ‘prices’ page.

Your Privacy

Will you give my details to any third parties?
No. Your details will remain confidential.


What should we do if we have a problem?
Firstly have a read of this FAQ. If it doesn’t help, click to the “Support” section of the site and raise a ticket. We will shortly be providing walkthroughs and help on various topics. You can also chat to us on IRC. We endeavour to reply ASAP but please be patient. Web and Domain customers can raise a ticket in their 'portal' or from the main site links.

When I use the links on your site to send an email, my email program informs me that the address is not recognised. What’s going wrong?
Due to the problem of email spam and the way email addresses can be grabbed from web pages, we have set up these links to work exactly as they are. All we ask is that you change the ‘ at ‘ to an @ and it should work without any further issues.

General Info

We would like to test a server with you before we buy. Can this be arranged?
We are confident that you will enjoy playing on our servers. You can test any one of our up and running servers but if you would like to test one of your own then please let us know and we will sort this out as soon as possible.

What server hardware do you use?
We currently a minimum specification of Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz processors with 800Mhz FSB, 2Gb Registered RAM connected in Telehouse East, London.

What is debranding?
Debranding is a feature we offer to name your server what ever you want. A branded server will have “CLANTEAM.INFO” proceeding your server name.

We want to install a MOD on our server. Can this be done?
We can install any mod that you require but if it’s a mod we haven’t heard of please give us some time to install and test it.

I keep hearing people mention tickrate and notice you set yours to 66. What difference does it make?
Tickrate is quite a complex thing but put simply, it is the command we give to the server determining how quickly it processes data i.e. setting it to 66 means the server will process your game data 66 times a second. After a lot of testing, 66 is the best middle ground between performance and server load. Increasing this figure really pushes up server load but has very little noticeable effect for you and your clan.

Does being a member of #clanteam mean that we won’t need our own website?
Whilst #clanteam provides full clan management and result tracking for your clan, it will not replace having your own web site which is required by many Leagues and Competitions for you to join them.

How do we qualify for your sponsorship?
Please look at the “Sponsorship” section on the “Contact” page.


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