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#clanteam membership and account features:
Event Management

Events in #clanteam is the name given to calendar entries such as match types like Practice Clan Wars (PCWs), Official Clan Wars (OCWs) or Training Sessions (TRG) or standard calendar entry of Meetings (MTG).

Events can have start and end times and in the case of matches, you can state server details, maps, league, game types and of course, who to inform about your entry.

When your clan members login and look at your the events for your clan, they are presented with a complete list of upcoming events as well as an easy to use calendar view to check on all entries for any specified month.

Results Management

Match results are also easily managed from your #clanteam clan account! You can enter the scores for each team straight after a match or if you forget or don't have time, the event management section of the site actually shows you a list of events that require results adding!

Should the match not have taken place then simply delete the event or move it to a new date the calendar.

Email Notifcations

#clanteam clan accounts will send out emails to a category of members that you specify as soon as you enter a new event. That's not all though. As every clan leader knows, matches can be rescheduled and need altering or in some cases cancelled and need removing completely.

If an event is altered or deleted, your #clanteam clan account will send out emails to all members that you originally specified, notifying them of the changes. If you don't want them to know or you wish to change who gets informed simply edit the event and #clanteam will do the rest.

Members event availability
When looking at your clans' events, member are shown their responses in terms of availability as well as how many positive responses there have been from the whole clan

#clanteam accounts have an automated recruitment facility. You can mark you clan as recruiting and state what you are looking for and then wait for #clanteam members to apply to join your clan. These requests can be accepted or rejected instantly and in the case of accepted requests you can immediately add this person to the clan and choose their role.

Members can also mark themselves as recruitable. You can then have a look at all of them and if you see someone that fits your requirements, invite them to join your clan. They can obviously accept or reject this invitation too!

Tiered Members Roles

Every member of your clan has a specific role even if they are just a member. #clanteam allows you to assign the relevant roles to all your clan members from clan leaders and war arrangers to trialers and inactive.

These roles integrate into the system and allow access to extra features depending on the role itself. For example, War Arrangers can add and remove events for the clan but they cannot add and remove members like Clan Leaders and Deputies.

Multiple Clan Membership
#clanteam allows all members to be part of any number of clans. This is useful where you play more than just one game or where you play the same game in different leagues for different clans.
Multiple Clan Ownership

You can own and therefore manage as many clan accounts as you wish. All the clan details, events and members are kept separate but easily managed under one straight forward interface.

This is useful for clan managers, multiple gaming clans or busy clan leaders! #clanteam account management makes it quick and simple to manage multiples clans/games at the same time.

Email Activated Accounts
All member accounts are activated via email. Since clan event notifications are sent out through this medium, it is important to ensure members are using a valid email address. These can of course be changed by the members themselves at any time to keep their accounts up to date.
Instant Clan Changes

It goes without saying that all the details for your clan can be changed instantly should the need arise. Perhaps you have a new website? Maybe your IRC channels are different? Has your old clan folded and you're starting again with a new name?

Whatever the reason, simply login, select the appropriate clan and edit the details directly.

Multiple Leagues

#clanteam allows the management of matches and other events across multiple leagues by design.

Some leagues you compete in may have confusing interfaces or they simply don't show the right information to the lowly clan members!

#clanteam clan accounts get round this by allowing you to compete in as many leagues as you want, enter events specific to those leagues that members can immediately identify through the email they receive from the system or when logged into the web site.

They can even get straight onto the league website, check rules, position and points from within #clanteam itself!

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#clanteam - the ultimate clan management system

#clanteam server features:

#clanteam servers are running optimised linux installations so that as much resource as possible is available to the games.

These run on Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz processors server with 800Mhz FSB, 2Gb Registered RAM and sit in Telehouse East, London on a Tier 1 direct transit (Level3, Global Crossing, AboveNet, Cogent) connection.

Boosted Game Servers

Unlike some providers, all our servers are individually boosted for optimal server side fps and maximum bullet registry. This counts for Source servers as well as 1.6.

HLTV Recorder

All 1.6 servers come with an HLTV recorder for use on your server.

When your match is over demos are compressed and transferred to FTP directories for easy and fast downloading.

This is controlled via our simple but sophisticated web based server administration tool.

For Source servers we provide you with the necessary configuration files to start and stop your SourceTV and you can use the same web administration interface to compress and transfer completed demo files.

Web Based Administration Tool

Through the use of our Web Based Administration Tool, you can quickly and easily Start, Stop, Update and manage your Game and HLTV Server.

A #clanteam clan management account

All game servers come with a #clanteam clan account as standard. For as long as you have your game server you have access to the ultimate clan management system!

and of course.....

You are given full ftp rights to your game server to upload maps and tweak your server configurations. Support is available whenever we are, which is almost all the time via IRC or through email if you wish. See the contact page for details.

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#clanteam - the ultimate clan management system
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